Ten Thousand Years EP

by Long Live The Empire

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This is our debut full length album "Ten Thousand Years EP". We hope you like the songs as much as we do. Buy our merch and stuff pls.


released March 20, 2016

Leroy Koh - Vocals and Guitars
Chew Jun Wern - Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Marc - Bass and Vocals
Wai Huin - Drums and Speech
Qing - Vocals

Drums on PB&J, Long Live and End Mono recorded by Leonard Soosay and Joy Heng at Snakeweed Studios

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Long Live The Empire

万岁 万岁 万万岁



all rights reserved


Long Live The Empire Singapore

joke band from singapore ha ha ha

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Track Name: PB&J
Just another day,
And you'll be mine
At the pantry room
And the silver lids

There will come a time
To give up on all of your books
At the petrol station
We'll meet there for lunch
And I'll step in
I'll step in a puddle of rain
To show you the ring and I hope that
I hope that you say "Yes, I'll be yours forever"
And hopefully,
The creed will carry on
For the rest of our lives
And hopefully,
Creed doesn't mess up our wedding
But it's okay,
'Cos Cece and Phillip be waiting for us at my parents house
The portrait of a clown
I love you so,
Like PB&J
Track Name: I Love You
Turn around,
Put the gun on the ground
Why didn't you make any sound?
Turn around,
I need to know that you're safe and sound

Screaming in my ears,
His face froze your tears
It's alright it won't be long
Before his hands are gone
Track Name: Hey Man Check This Out
Can you hear me?
I can't tell if you're angry
'Cos you won't tell me if you are
I'm hoping for another chance to understand
What made you cry so hard on that night
What made me tell the futile lies
Was it really to calm and comfort you?
Or was it to calm and comfort me?

Are you with me?
I can't tell if you're mad or glad at the fact that I'm with you
Your apathy is on display
It's much to my dismay
We're both stuck in this rut

Now we're both running in circles couldn't stand still
The photographs took with inept skill
Hanging a frame for all to see
That there's nothing but wood and nails
Track Name: GFs
Wake up
My girl
Is it my face the face you see?
Don't be
Are you mornings as cruel as me?

Is it hard to crawl
Out of your bed sheets
With the thought of me?
And is it easier to say
Baby, please let go of me?
Track Name: Loveless
A drop of sunshine
In the gleam of your eyes
A sea of starlight
That spills from mine

A fleeting moment
I just can't hold it
The tears' gone cold and
I just feel so broken

When your silhouette fades into the distance
And my cigarette has ran it's course
I'll try my best to keep my resistance
But I know I'll still drown in remorse

The breeze runs through your hair
Like my fingers used to do
This ship's beyond repair
But I'd sink in it with you
Your cheeks are a flare
Like the first time we made love
It's a pain that I can't bare
It's a pain I can't get rid of
Your frown runs deep in skin
Like the first time we had fought
Misery starts seeping in
It's the last fight of the lot
The breeze runs through your hair
Where my lips used to rest

It's a pain that I can't bare
It's a pain that's in my chest
It's a pain that I can't bare
All bearings are a mess
It's a pain that I can't bare
To see you walk away loveless

Loveless, loveless, loveless
Track Name: Long Live
Hey, aren't you going away?
So how come you're still here with your
Plastic bags and things to rid me of my

Childish inquisitions and strings I tie my toys to?
I fear one day that you'll mess up and get thrown into a lock up

But wait,
Isn't that what I said
To you when you were drunk and lonely
All the notes you write at night and
Cry yourself to sleep with
Hey, it really isn't that bad
It's just the way you look at yourself in the mirror

Trying to paint a prettier picture
Just paint a prettier picture
Track Name: Nope
Since when was the last time
You've been without fear
Just don't forget this
I'll make it alright

Okay, I think I am losing it
On this particular kind of day
When you saw the mess that I was in
You'd quickly find a blame to put

On me, all the things that I could be
"But you chose to be all that you weren't"
Don't try to feel like you're sorry
Cuz this is who I am just not what you want

Trying to break from this vicious cycle
Of entrapment, can't you see that I just
Want to have my sanity lest it be torn apart by you?

"The world is a nightmare that never ends, so just sleep forever and that'll be the end"
Is this an indictment for me wanting to live?
Or is this just another trick up your sleeves

Okay, I think I am losing it
On this particular kind of day
When I saw the mess that you were in
You'd quickly find a blame to put
On me, how I was not what you were
But now this time it is different
I won't make a difference in your eyes
You blinked and you missed everything
I won't close my eyes
Track Name: Wet Paint
(yeah wet paint)

I'm trying my best to not let it win
In a place where it's quiet and empty
I'll let myself think
Ignore the ants piling at the crumbs
In hopes that I might win

But it isn't easy to get rid of these terrible feelings
It's like trying to kill myself
It's something that I need as much as I don't really need it
I don't really have a choice

I'm trying my best but I still can't win
I guess it's okay that I'll live like this
The only thing that I need
The only thing that I have
I'll scrape you off of my skin
You won't be missed
Track Name: Cigarettes
Endlessly, like the gentle winds when it used to, it soothed me
Now I reach for the calm which brings on the quiet, the silence
"Call it quits, this is just a place that you thought was, it isn't"
Endlessly, hints of toneless stings that will carve in what's missing
Now I rest as the drizzle starts to begin this, this work of

I'm incomplete
A cigarette in between of this passing moment
It just gets worse
I taste defeat
The smoulder in my hands
It will never go out
It will haunt me forever
Track Name: End Mono
Yesterday, I walked on jagged mountains
It was cool, just like the endless summer
Winds and ocean breeze that swept your face
Oh how it's gone our lovely space

Just throw it all away
Cross out all of the names
They probably don't even know who we are
We will catch the train
Run out of our games
And we'll be left with nothing
I can't wait to chase the sun

I saw a place
And there it's near the ocean
They've got a bar
That we could go to sometime in June
When it's always noon
And we could sit and laugh at the people

Just throw it all away
Cross out all of the names
They probably don't even know who we are
We will catch the train
Run out of our games
And we'll be left with nothing
I can't wait to chase the su-u-u-u-n